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> Paula writes:
> It's much more I'd expect the two different cultures they were from.
> M replies:
> Sorry, but my husband was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and lived in
> Manhattan as an adult.  I was born, raised, and lived until I married him
in a
> town of 1400 population that was not even on a main highway, and in South
> Texas, which he considered Indian Territory.  I can't help but think that
> values, ethics, and respect for one another's intelligence have a lot more
> going for them than mere cultural backgrounds, after 30 years of happy
marriage in
> which we _never_ ran out of things to talk about.

New York City and Texas are on the same continent, and in the same company.
Miles isn't from the same nation, the same country, the same continent, or
the same stellar system as Elli is from, and who knows about religious
backgrounds for them.  We've seen seen Miles practicing at least some
Barrayaran funerary traditions, with cutting off locks of hair and burning
them and such.  That's not likely to be a Kline Station habit.  Miles is
from a planet, Elli from a station.  There are very different views involved
in that.  Miles grew up under an open sky and breathable atmosphere and wide
horizon.  Stations don't have wide open skies, and probably from a very
early age emergency procedures and discipline get drummed into Kline Station
residents.  Look at the influene of Horrible Helda, who has no real
counterpart on Barrayar.   Imperial Auditors and the Health Department head
on Kline Station, as not interchangeable, even though they have
extraordinary powers to interfere with the lives of everyone else.