[LMB] hi-q haiku OT:

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Sat, 29 Nov 2003 10:01:19 EST

Paula Lieberman

>>> Please cite the references.  I don;t believe them.
>>> M replies:
>> I don't know what reference is being cited, but the Terman Study in
>> California might be one.  It showed that high-IQ people tended to marry

>In California.  How did it select the sample?   The people I went to college
>with mostly did -not- marry early.  Very few of my college classmates <snip>
>Sampling is an interesting thing, there are all sorts of things in which the
>sample turned out to be highly non-representative of the segment of the
>population it was supposed to be representative of.....   Certainly my
>female college classmates, married later that most of their classmates from
>high school....

<appended from another message>
>(there were very few female graduate students at the time, and a relatively 
>number of grad students' wives, or at least, that was the situation at MIT)

> I've known a few people that that happened to, and there was the
>definition. "Enid Virgin -- a divorcee with only one child" at Vance Air
>Force Base, Enid, Oklahoma....   one of the people I'd known whose first
>marriage was due to lack of effective birth control, got the shotgun
>marriage while in pilot training, not sure it if were at Vance AFB or some
>other pilot training base.

You know, sociology/ demographics  being the "soft" field that it is, 
and given that one can presumably find SOME study or another to
support ANY darned notion a grad student might care to dream up, it
shouldn't be hard to discount the importance of the claim that "High IQ
women tend to  ..."  whatever the claim is.

But Paula, doesn't it strike you as just a LITTLE bit funny that, having
requested a CITATION -- toward some academic work, some formal
statistical halfway verifiable peer-reviewed (however loony those 'peers'
might be) sort of journal article -- doesn't it seem just a LITTLE bit
weird that you respond to the cite with personal anecdotes about college
classmates,  university party chit chat, and military tales from your old 
times in geographically-uncertain hinterlands?   

Oh well, as long as we're doing anecdotes ... I thought this article 
about the situation of women in Japanese society was interesting:


"more troubling is the cluelessness of the men who run Japan  ... They 
have never been interested in why Japanese women shun marriage and motherhood;
in fact, when Japanese women point out the difficulties they face, men 
dismiss their 
complaints as a twittering of birds, unworthy of male attention "

The women complain
as birds, always twittering
not worth attention

as bad as it may have been or gets around Texas, I think it's not quite SO 
bad ...