[LMB] OT: penguins

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Sat, 29 Nov 2003 10:41:28 EST

Tourists consistently seem to think there are penguins in Alaska: wrong 
hemisphere, although one was caught this year by a very surprised trawler (there 
were a *lot* of bizarre wildlife stories in Alaska in 2003) just a *little* 
north of its proper range.

I think I read somewhere a doubtless apocryphal story about penguins. When 
they want to go back in the water there may be something in there that is hoping 
for a penguin snack. So the group dances from foot to foot at the edge of the 
water, longing yet reluctant to go in ... until one trips another and causes 
it to take the critical dive. If it is not eaten, the rest dive in: if it is, 
oh well, we'll do this again later!

My 1st commander at my last assignment in Alaska was fixated on the ER as a 
source of inefficiency and waste: I still think his agenda was to close the ER 
and convert my hospital (even though it was a small community hospital with 
only one other hospital that did *not* accept TRICARE/military patients within 
350 miles) into a super-clinic without 24/7 operations. And he endeared himself 
(NOT) to me by saying in meetings at which I was not present that I was 
ineffective and inefficient and was fired (though never to my face). I noted that 
personnel from other sections would divert his attention from their areas by 
saying when dangerous topics were raised: "Oh, Colonel G, in the ER they are 
doing X/Y/Z" which would immediately divert his attention back to my ER ... 

I got there in January: by my 1st Halloween I nearly rented a penguin suit -- 
except then I might have to explain the meaning ... I felt like I was the 
sacrificial penguin...

By the by: listening to Georgette Heyer and LMB audiobooks have cued me into 
the fact that many of the words I mentally/electronically use I have never 
heard in speech: interesting. 
Kit Ryan, coming off night shift and about to go on a Chicago temporary duty 
trip ... oh joy!