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> But Paula, doesn't it strike you as just a LITTLE bit funny that, having
> requested a CITATION

For those of you who are not automatically turned off by the
buzz around the book, _The Bell Curve_ by Charles Murray
goes in to this in several chapters and provides extensive

The data from multiple, large, long-followed cohorts tend to
prove that higher-IQ women (and men) are more likely to
marry, stay married, and stay out of poverty. Specific
breakouts by IQ range are provided.

One striking piece of data is that high-IQ women who have
children out of wedlock (a small but growing number) are
just as likely to live in poverty as low IQ women in the
same situation.


I read this book very carefully, including the into by
Murray in which he said he didn't expect the data to fall
out like this. Throughout the book, he acknowledges data
problems, anomolies which are difficult of explanation, and
emphasises statistical norms are just that. I think I only
found one spot where his data were a little limp and he was
trying to direct your eye away, and that was only a minor