[LMB] Taking a number OT:

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Sat, 29 Nov 2003 10:43:47 -0800

Amy Sikes responded to me:
>>List?  What list?  I gave out numbers, remember.

> Ohh yes, right.  Sorry.  I forget which number I was fortunate
> enough to have, though...

Actually, the old messages I have don't show that you actually 
took a number.  Having, by that time, already proposed directly.

Which means, I think, you got #1.  Even if Marna actually has the 
piece of paper.  Diane, volunteered to be Baba, or referee (being 
in the middle) took #3 (actually #2) just in case.  Lynette and 
Kirsten L rounded out the 5.

So I had the numbers right, if the details wrong.

>>As I remember, I approved of your library.

> Woohoo!  Now that's high praise indeed!

Amy Sikes responded to Ginnilee:

 >> Gee, want all of my male customers who ask where the
 >> non-fiction section is? They're usually scratching their
 >> heads with a *really* "Huh, what's intelligence?" on their
 >> faces.

 > Erm, no, actually.  In reality, I like them in whatever size
 > and intelligent.

After going through some messages to find the above answer, the 
branch (twig) I seem to be sitting on is someone who can hold a 
conversation about the Ballet while climbing to a pass at 12,000