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> On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 03:03:42PM -0800, Mitch Miller wrote:
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> > Eric Flint did a controversial set of editions of Schmitz work,
> > editing out smoking references in various places, and doing surgery
> > more substantial on certain stories of Schmitz'.
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> Well, from what I saw the controversy was more over some of the edits
> to the Hub stories than anything else.  I'm not certain the edits were
> totally unreasonable - there was unedited source available available
> in Webscriptions.  Eric claims - and I will agree - that James did not
> have an overarching story-line for the Hub stories, and that there
> were a couple of places where he wrote himself into a corner and
> couldn't write himself out of it.

The objections included that Flint made major changes in at least two weak
stories, and did major surgery and rewriting and such to force fit stuff
that wasn't obviously Hub, into  being Hub material.  A couple of people I
know were majorly annoyed by it.   The Websubscription availability came
only later, I think.  The annoyed people wanted no changes to what was
published while Schmitz was alive, viewing as among other things an
integrity of the work issue.  The author can always change something back in
a new edition and use "STET" in a book, from how something was published in
a magazine.  Most of Schmitz' work was published in book form after being in
magazine form.  Major revision of an author's work years after the author's
dead, gets viewed as interventionist editor doing a rewrite for the purposes
of the editor.... at a conversation at Readercon, Greer Gilman who works
down in the depth of Harvard's most famous library and Faye Ringel who's the
head of the English Department at the Coast Guard Academy were talking about
how there were revisions of Shakespearian plays that added characters,
changed characters' genders, and did all sort of other "improvements"
according to the editors making those revisions.   That's about how Flint's
changes are regarded in some quarters.