[LMB] Random thoughts on Vor naming conventions...

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Another  thought - if Miles' daughter marries a Vor
lord, will the second son end up  being called
Naismith? *grins*

I think only if she married a Count or Count's heir.
Miles' name broke the tradition itself--his "heir's name" (see tWA) was  
supposed to have been Piotr Miles.  I assume it would also be AA's  second son who 
would get "Naismith" for a middle name if the tradition  reestablished 
literally, although they might go back to  the traditional heir's name and call the 
first son Piotr Whatever, and  the second son Whatever Miles.  After all, 
Piotr was a famous man in  Barrayaran history, and a descendant  would be proud to 
be named after  him.  Or just break tradition altogether.  I would assume 
that  if any child had Naismith for a middle name, they would just call him  by 
his first name, like they did Miles.