[LMB] RE: OT: Authors List in Fiction

James (Khavrinen) uthmajar at earthlink.net
Sat, 4 Sep 2004 05:24:09 -0700 (PDT)

douglas.winston writes:

>In _Singing of the Dead_,by Dana Stabenow 0-312-20957-6 page 133,
>in alphabetical order on the bookshelves of the victim:
>"She saw Jane Austen, L.Frank Baum, Lois McMasters (sic) Bujold,
>Bernard Cornwell by the door; Loren Estelman (sic), Steven Gould,
>Robert Heinlein, Georgette Heyer (and now she was seriously
>angry), John D.MacDonald, L.M.Montgomery, Ellis Peters,
>J.K.Rowling, Sharon Shinn, Nevil Shute down one side of the
>little hallway, around and over the bed; Laura Ingalls Wilder
>and Don Winslow over the toilet."

Surely you'd have mentioned, if you had gotten that far yet, that
this is not Stabenow's only mention of Lois.  In _A Grave Denied_, the
thirteenth book in the Kate Shugak series (of which _The Singing of
the Dead_ is the eleventh), when Johnny runs away he takes with him only
the important essentials:  sleeping bag, canned goods, CD player/CDs/batteries,
booklight, and, of course, _A Civil Campaign_.

These are actually both mentioned in the Bujold Nexus FAQ, but they're kind of 
buried, under "The Books," and then "Dedications and other References."  I waited 
until _A Grave Denied_ came out in paperback (this July) because I have all the
rest of the series in that format, so when I came across that passage it had already
been noted in the FAQ by someone who read the hardback.  I was disappointed 
because I was all set to post a "Hey look everybody, another of my favorite authors
refers to Lois" message, but I didn't, as it seemed like old news.  Now I see that may 
have been a mistake, since those who have been here a while may re-read the whole
collection of FAQs as seldom as I do, and therefore miss new little things like this 
popping up.  

Anyway, if you like mysteries at all, I highly recommend that you go check out the
whole Kate Shugak series, by Dana Stabenow:

A Cold Day for Murder
A Fatal Thaw
Dead in the Water
A Cold-Blooded Business
Play With Fire
Blood Will Tell
Killing Grounds
Hunter's Moon
Midnight Come Again
The Singing of the Dead
A Fine and Bitter Snow
A Grave Denied

She also published a Science Fiction trilogy, though it is long out of print:
_Second Star_, _A Handful of Stars_, and _Red Planet Run_.


And while I'm doing recommendations, Rosemary Kirstein's _The Language of
Power_ , the fourth book in the "Steerswoman" series, was released Tuesday.
I got my copy Wednesday, started re-reading the whole series when I got home
from Powells, finished it Friday  afternoon (sleep?  We don't need no stinkin' sleep),
and I'm still giddy with book-joy.  Oh, wow!  Really, really good.  Thank you ever
so much, Ms. Kirstein.  Now write more!! *Please!*