[LMB] Barrayan theatre was: OT: Cocteau's Beauty & the Beast

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Y'know,  we haven't heard of a single female mutie in Barrayan lore yet.  Do 
I  sense I repressed archetype of tremendous power lurking below the  surface?

Well, there's Raina Csurik.  And we don't know what sexes Ma  Mattulich's 
four stillborn/ murdered babies were, among others that were  killed.  We just 
haven't heard of a surviving female mutant.  If  people wanted sons more than 
daughters, a deformed daughter wouldn't have  much of a chance of the family 
hiding her to keep her alive, would she?   Which means, I guess, that the 
melodrama's female villain wouldn't be deformed,  but would for some reason (just 
pure evil, I guess) be allied with the vile male  mutant villain. (I could have 
handled that.  Melodramas don't have to make  much sense; as long as enough 
beer is sold to the audience, nobody notices, or  if they notice, they don't