[LMB] Exposition and Quantum Theater

Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Fri, 24 Sep 2004 09:47:24 -0500

>Could the fish/sealife be eaten by humans?
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>From: "Debbie" <lioness at bellsouth.net> Does Barrayar have a sea-based 
>fishing industry?  It had to have a sea-based transportation industry 
>before Contact, and presumably still does for cargo.

If it was Earth-based.  It would take an awful lot of valuable refuse to 
get it going, but a fishing industry generates even more valuable refuse, 
not to mention all that valuable protein.

There's two approaches, fish farms and a self-sustaining marine ecology, 
which would have to start out in fish farms.  I don't know about the 
latter, but the former is at least worthy of consideration.

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