[LMB] Re: NYC Mini LoisCon

StGgal at aol.com StGgal at aol.com
Wed, 29 Sep 2004 06:28:01 EDT

M. Traber asked:

where is it going to be?


We haven't decided on the exact time/location yet, as Wiley is still waiting 
to hear where Tor will be putting him up, but it will most likely be a Hotel 
on or around 57th at about 1-2PM; the date firmly set for the 23rd.

As far as where we'll be gnoshing, The Heartland Brewery has been suggested 
(supposedly the Pumpkin Ale is something to behold!), so, as our friend Gregor 
would say, let's see what happens! :)

Will be sure to keep you and everyone who's expressed interest, updated-