[LMB] OT: eclectic mix.

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Fri Jun 2 01:36:00 BST 2006

Wow. It's been in the high 80s out here!

Pat in Albuquerque

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>At 09:55 AM 5/28/2006, Countryboy wrote:
>>Countryboy - who finally turned on the air conditioning last night.
>{snicker} And I've just barely come out of wool and fleece.  I've got 
>windows open and I'm beginning to get enough heat pulling though the house 
>that the bone-chilling cold of the thermal mass of the house is finally 
>getting the edge knocked off.  I managed to get the last of last year's 
>fuel oil, and this years emergency oil from Social Services to eak out 
>until the worst of the cold weather was gone, but that's only using it once 
>a day to knock the overnight chill off on the worst days, and not at all on 
>better days, and relying on the heaters in the one room I heat the rest of 
>the time.  Needless to say, for most of the last six months, the bulk of 
>the house was brutally cold, and even in the room with heat I was buried in 
>wool and fleece so I didn't use un-Ghodly amounts of electricity like I 
>accidently did one month last year.
>Pat in North Carolina
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