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On Jun 2, 2006, at 1:52 AM, Dan Tilque wrote:

>  / I asked some time ago if anyone knew which day of June 1986 that
/>/ SoH had been published. No one answered, so perhaps that
/>/ information is lost to history.
Baen's June 1986 list showed up in bookstores in May (early to mid-
May, IMS).

>  / Therefore, I suggest we celebrate Lois's 20 years of professional
/>/ authorship ALL MONTH! Parties, feasts, festivals, whatever you
/>/ want to do.
I will also point out that "Aftermaths" appeared in a May 1986 Baen  
anthology. Also, Twilight Zone Magazine published at least one of her  
short stories before the publication of "Aftermaths." Thus, you are  


Despite the peculiar attractions of pedantic particularity, I, 
personally, prefer the "party all month" idea...

Party on, dudes and dudettes.

(Besides, first novels count for more than first short stories.)

Ta, L.

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