[LMB] Anniversary month

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 3 13:43:37 BST 2006

Dan Tilque wrote:

> I asked some time ago if anyone knew which day of June 1986 that
> SoH had been published. No one answered...

Michael R N Dolbear wrote:
> And professional novelistship, since "Barter" was published in Twilight
> Zone Magazine for March/April 1985 and "Aftermaths" in Spring 1986.

Good grief.  That means I made my first professional fiction sale at just
about the same time... Only my writing career took me out of the genre and
out of Fiction entirely.    Ah well, we celebrate 20 years in about 16
months.  <www.newscalendar.com>

Funny, the twists life insists upon... The best I can claim is that I can
live on my writing, however dull I find it.  I plan to celebrate the Lois
20th Jubilee Month by being extremely clever and ridiculously short.  <grin>

Susan Fox / Ma Foxti
selene at earthlink.net

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