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Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Sat Jun 3 16:18:14 BST 2006

> From: Phil Boswell <phil.boswell at gmail.com>
> Date: 03 June 2006 11:39
> On 02/06/06, Michael R N Dolbear <m.dolbear at lineone.net> wrote:
> > And professional novelistship, since "Barter" was published in
> > Zone Magazine for March/April 1985 and "Aftermaths" in Spring 1986.
> Unashamed to demonstrate my almost legendary ignorance, I'm wondering:
> what was "Barter"?
> "Aftermaths" I recognise, that's also appeared as the epilogue to
> "Barrayar", right?

"Barter" is a 'Mom' short about 'on' and 'off' switches, it was reprinted
in the Dreamweaver's Dilemma collection (NESFA) which is still available
(I bought mine in Borders, Forbidden Planet had some).

After reading DD itself you will be able to locate the planet on which
"It was a pretty trip. Say, I noticed a lot of new farming in that
radioactive strip by the big lake north of you --"  occurs.

Little Egret

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