Character renderings #2 (was: Re: [LMB] Pronunciations)

Mark A. Mandel thnidu at
Sun Jun 4 04:54:46 BST 2006

NOTE: Because the content of this message may affect its appearance, I'm
going to post it twice. Version 1 was unmodified; this version, #2, has
had all non-ASCII characters removed [and I am putting it all into Arial,
not Arial Unicode MS, in WordPad before pasting it into Yahoo Mail's
composition window]. I'm also ccing both directly to Pete. -- m a m

--- "Peter H. Granzeau" <pgranzeau at> wrote:

> At 11:57 PM 5/21/2006, Kalina Varbanova wrote:
> >On 5/22/06, Mark A. Mandel <thnidu at> 
> >wrote: > > Umm. First. Sorry, Kalina, but there 
> >are not more vowels in "AIR-al" than > in 
> >"barrel". More vowel LETTERS, but not more 
> >vowels. Kind of the way > "[FOUR 'UNKNOWN-CHARACTER' SYMBOLS]"/"dacha"
> >four letters in Russian and five in English to 
> >represent > the same pronunciation. Hm. I admit 
> >it may be my ignorance - I just hadn't heard 
> >anybody using an "i" sound before the "r" in 
> >Barrel, nor an "a" sound after the "r". Which 
> >isn't saying much - I haven't lived all _that_ 
> >long in an English-speaking country, and I am 
> >well aware I have heard but a small fraction of 
> >- yes, I know, dialects. Thanks :) Kalina -- You 
> >have two hands. One to help yourself and one to help others.
> </x-flowed>
> For some reason, your post came through exactly 
> as quoted above.  You might want to try another 
> Mail reader or something.  And stop using HTML, *please*.


I am using Yahoo Mail's web interface directly-- no mail reader involved.
I am not writing in HTML at all, just typing into the window, or dictating
(with Dragon NaturallySpeaking) into a simple text processor (WordPad),
without formatting, and copy-and-pasting into the window.

In the above post I used the Windows Character Map to find and paste in
three Cyrillic characters, equivalent to d, a (twice), and ch. That must
be what caused something in the chain to act funny.

But what's even stranger is that 
 1. when I read your post, I saw those four characters exactly as I had
typed them... 
 2. but when I clicked REPLY to start this reply, they materialized as a
string of four "unknown character" symbols, a black diamond with a white
question mark inside...
 3. and when I went back one screen, copied the correctly-rendered line
out of your post (item 1 in this list), and pasted it in here, it still
looked, and looks, as I typed it, just prefixed with the quoting ">":

    >vowels. Kind of the way > "[FOUR CYRILLIC LETTERS]"/"dacha" has 

It may still be trash to you...

One more relevant point: I've set my browser (Firefox)'s setting for
View:Character Encoding to "Unicode (UTF-8)". It's what I need most of the
time, and it is our standard, quite reasonably for an organization that
works with a great many different languages and scripts (currently I'm
working with Bengali).

-- Mark Mandel

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