[LMB] Historical context of HH for Wikipedia

Richard Suitor rsuitor at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 16:36:23 BST 2006

On 6/5/06, Phil Boswell <phil.boswell at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to ask a favour.
> I have been asked to provide a source for my contention in our article
> at Wikipedia that HH occurs "some centuries earlier" than CC and PS.

You could check with
Agnes Charrel-Berthillier
who wrote on 11/11/05, quoting an LMB quote on, presumably, Baen's Bar:

I posted the following on the list last June in answer to a similar
question from Noel Rappin. Spoiler space removed.

Noel Rappin wrote:
> Is there an official answer to when Hallowed Hunt takes place with
> respect to the Chalion novels? The only text evidence I could think
> of was a reference to Chalion and Ibra as separate, which would imply
>  that HH is sooner...

If you push the real history analogy, Iselle = Isabella of Castile

CoC would be ~ 1467-1468 (Isabella was born in 1451, Iselle was 16 at
the beginning of the book).

HH is a bit trickier...

Assuming that Audar = Charlemagne, Charlemagne waged war against the
Saxons for about 30 years starting in 772 and ordered 4,500 Saxons
beheaded in one day after an uprising in 782, giving us the
Bloodfield equivalent.

In chapter 2 of HH, Ingrey studies the remains of what might have been a
forest shrine "cleared, abandoned, and recleared more than once [...
f]ollowing, perhaps, the ebb and flow of the Darthacan Quintarian war
against the forest heresies that had so disrupted the kin lands, four
centuries ago when Audar the Great had first conquered the Weald."

And Lois said on the bar (you asked for an authoritative source, yes?):

> Charlemagne did indeed live in the 8th C (I read three biographies of
> him -- fascinating stuff) but the events of HH take place about 4
> centuries after the Charlemagne-equivalent passed through. Upon which
> hangs one of the three time-critical layers of backstory to HH, and
> if it wasn't a trick trying to get all *that* in smoothly. No
> Barbarossa here, though.
> You'll see.
> Ta, L.

That would set the Hallowed Hunt a bit before 1200CE, so less than 300
years before CoC and PoS.


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