[LMB] Historical context of HH for Wikipedia

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at alum.emory.edu
Mon Jun 5 17:31:44 BST 2006

>I would like to ask a favour.
>I have been asked to provide a source for my contention in our article
>at Wikipedia that HH occurs "some centuries earlier" than CC and PS.

Here's what I have accumulated: this will be incorporated
into an FAQ.  I'm trying hard to updating both the plot FAQ
and the list FAQ--got lots of notes of things that need to be
added or changed, just need to do the polishing of the wording,
and update the text and HTML copies for Mike.

This is a post from Lois to Baen's Bar:
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 16:28:54 EDT
Xref: sector14 baen.milestogo:14421

If I'm construing the question correctly in the absence of its context, in
the Chalion-world equivalent of medieval Germany, an inderterminate time
before CoC or PoS.  The sole clue is the absence in HH of printing as a new
technology yet. 

Ta, L.

>This looks like its going to
>be lots of fun. Just one
>question. Where/when are we??

I have Lois's post about timing relative to a Charlemagne equivalent, but
didn't think that helped with timing relative to CoC/Paladin.

     Nancy Barber

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