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I finally got to read the first chapter of _The Sharing Knife_, at the end
of the HH pb: a fairly slow start, but certainly lots of questions are
raised, action is foreshadowed to occur fairly quickly, and the characters
definitely look worth further acquaintance. Doesn't grab you by the
throat, though (maybe it's just J-school training that makes me tend to
expect this: it's certainly not a requirement.)

Alayne McGregor

***Hm, well.  If they'd thought to ask me (it was a surprise, if a 
pleasant one, that the teaser chapter got included at the back of HH), 
I'd have suggested they include the first scene of Ch. 2, which would 
have assured the action addicts that it's not that slow an opening, 
really.  (Live-reading veterans can tell us if this is so or not.)

Although -- while the book has action, it's not focused on same, so 
perhaps this is a good choice after all; action-people won't complain of 
bait-'n-switch, this way.  I think the action is balanced over the two 
volumes, but not necessarily in each one individually.  I'm just about 
to do a last editorial pass over Vol. 2, this week; it will look, I 
suspect, much less like a stand-alone than Vol. 1.  And I think Vol. 1 
will look less like a stand-alone from the perspective of the end of the 

And ghod knows what they'll make of the opening chapter of Vol. 2, 

(Closes mouth on spoilers.)

Ta, L.

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