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Sessions, Jennifer Robin SESSIOJR at uwec.edu
Tue Jun 6 16:23:32 BST 2006


>I finally got to read the first chapter of _The Sharing Knife_, at the end
>of the HH pb: a fairly slow start, but certainly lots of questions are
>raised, action is foreshadowed to occur fairly quickly, and the characters
>definitely look worth further acquaintance. Doesn't grab you by the
>throat, though (maybe it's just J-school training that makes me tend to
>expect this: it's certainly not a requirement.)

Alayne McGregor

>***Hm, well.  If they'd thought to ask me (it was a surprise, if a 
>pleasant one, that the teaser chapter got included at the back of HH), 
>I'd have suggested they include the first scene of Ch. 2, which would 
>have assured the action addicts that it's not that slow an opening, 
>really.  (Live-reading veterans can tell us if this is so or not.)

I was just at Wiscon (during which I caught Patricia Wrede's cold, not sure whether to be excited about where these germs have been or slightly miserable 'cause it is a cold), where Lois did do a reading that included the first chapter and I'm pretty sure a bit more, because the book really did well on picking up with action. I don't really know the main characters yet, but already I'm rather on tenterhooks to see if they are all right. I can't can't wait till Sharing Knife comes out.

Jenny Sessions
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