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Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Wed Jun 7 01:53:33 BST 2006

My comconsole brought me this letter from Dawn Benton:

DB> Jo'Asia;

DB> I think some letters may be missing from that link.  It didn't work for me.
DB> I found the pictures by going back up the path until I found a list with
DB> "parada smokow" in it.

I think the '%F3' part of the link may cause some problems, but it
works from here.

DB> I gather "smok" is dragon.


DB>  Rather amusingly close to Smaug, isn't it?

Well, Tolkien was a linguist, and knew some Polish ad other related
languages, so... :)

DB> Nice pictures. The fireworks and lasers at night were
DB> very pretty.

Unfortunately the "night" dragons had been very hard to photograph -
even a river barge (?) is too fast to catch a sharp photo of a poorly
lighted object in the dark.

DB> Were the strange looking things in picture 43 hot air
DB> balloons?

They have been baloons for sure. Rather not *hot air* ones - this
photo (I think you mean #42, #43 is a flowering tree we wanted to
identify at home :)) has been taken about 15:30pm and the very same
baloons had been shown on the river parade 6 to 8 hours later. No one
would have the hot air pumped so early in advance. The one creature on
the left from #42 (I called it a 'hammer-dragon') is sort of visible
again on #80. Photographs of the other two had been so blurred that
they had been deleted with many, many others. (I *love* having a
digital photo camera. :))

DB> Also what were the labels in front of the dragons i.e. smok
DB> podkarpacki, smok turnski and smok slaski, are they names of clubs or 
DB> neighborhoods or what?

They are dragons from different regions of Poland. 749 years ago
Krakow received city rights and the Parade had been a part of
celebrations already started last year with the previous Parade.

This year 'regional' dragons from all over the country had been
invited to participate. 'Podparpacki' is a dragom from a south Poland,
a region near Karpaty mountain, 'torunski' - from Torun (birthplace of
Nicolaus Copernicus whose somewhat "disturbed" face can be seen on the
portraits sticking out of the dragon) region, 'slaski' is from
Silezia, a black one as you would expect a dragon from a coal-rich
region to be, and so on.


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