[LMB] Memorial Chair for Her Ladyship?

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Quoting  from LJ - http://community.livejournal.com/lmbujold/77816.html

The  Minneapolis Public Library is raising money by selling the naming
rights to  chairs in the new Central Library auditorium. The money
raised will go to  buying books, as I understand it.

You can find more about it  at

Lois McMaster  Bujold has been nominated, but no money has been
contributed. I hope some  people on this list, whether they live in
Minnesota or not, will decide to  contribute.

I'm posting a version of this list several places, so you  may have seen it
before, but I figure Bujold fans would especially want to  know about

Scott Raun
_sraun at fireopal.org_ (mailto:sraun at fireopal.org) 
The next question is, who is going to be in charge of collecting and  
contributing the money?  I don't know about the rest of you, but since  the minimum 
donation is $500, which is a bit steep, it would be  nice if this list could 
contribute as a group.  What do the rest of  you think?


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