[LMB] A Barrayaran just-so-story

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Thu Jun 8 04:45:18 BST 2006

Or, why the Vorcuster uniform is red and brown.

Very early in the Time of Isolation, Count Vorcuster had a reputation for 
being fearless in battle. The lookout would call "Enemy army on the horizon" 
and he'd call back "Armsman! Bring me my red jacket!" Then he'd lead them 
into battle and win.

One day his newest armsman asked "M'lord count, why do you call for your red 
jacket before a battle?"

"Because red is the color of blood," Count Vorcuster replied, "and if the 
blood from my wounds doesn't show, my men and I will take heart and fight 

Just then the lookout called "The emperor's army on the horizon, m'lord, and 
an Imperial Auditor with him!"

"Armsman!" snapped Count Vorcuster. "Go fetch me my brown trousers!"

"Attention Homeland Security: Yes. I AM a liberal."

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