[LMB] Memorial Chair for Her Ladyship?

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 8 13:30:21 BST 2006

>I _don't_ want to actually handle this myself - but if my darling wife
>will help, I'll volunteer us.  I'll try to check with her on this
>today or tomorrow (tody is our day to see each other in passing two or
>three times), and let the list know.

I second Scott's nomination. Sending money by paypal is OK with me.

I do have a thought (I'm allowed one per year): could we collectively fund 
the chair in the name of the List? And put the URL to subscribe on the 
plaque (if they have room for 10 names a URL plus the List Name should 
fit...) That way if more than ten people want to contribute, they all get a 
shared credit...

Just my yearly musing...

Alfred Kelgarries
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