[LMB] A new Galactech product! (Um, on second thought, maybe not...)

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Thu Jun 8 15:17:39 BST 2006

D Echelbarger wrote:
> I mentioned:
>>> And I thought, "They're using cat-blankets for upholstery?"
> Meg said:
>> Doesn't it bleed when you sew it?
> Well, you only have to sew it if you don't have the ability to grow it 
> the right shape to start with. Which, obviously, Galactech would.
> Slipcovers that purr and snuggle up to you, anyone? *EG*
	Oh, now you've made me *remember.*  There's a very cheesy (deliberately 
so) music vidoe by a band called "The Darkness" from about 2003/4, 
titled (IIRC) "I Believe In A Thing Called Love".  Early in it, the lead 
singer hops out of a bathtub and walks up to this... scultpture-ish 
thing, that looks like a Warner Brothers cactus carpeted in shaggy felt, 
which immediately wraps its several arm/branches around him and begins 
drying him off.
	(okay, I *assume* it's drying him off -- I don't want to consider the 

	Then there's a later scenes where the band's spaceship is being 
attacked by a giant Space Squid and they have to fight it off with 
lighting-throwing guitars (talk about electric riffs!)....

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