[LMB] Memorial Chair for Her Ladyship?

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Thu Jun 8 16:17:58 BST 2006

In a message dated 6/8/2006 2:12:41 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
lmblist at mikebomb.com writes:

I for  one do not need my name individually 
on the list of donors (they want  groups to try to get 
minimum contributions of $50.00 so that no individual  chair 
need have more than 10 names on it) and would be happy to be  
part of a chair funded by "The Lois McMaster Bujold Listies" 
or some  such name.

If we can get fifty such pledges here, and if someone will  
agree to act as treasurer, just let me know where to send 
the  check!

Me, too!  I think that should be a good way to handle it.

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