[LMB] Translating Machines

James M. BRYANT, G4CLF jbryant at lunainternet.net
Fri Jun 9 06:41:33 BST 2006

I was recently asked if it was possible yet
to obtain a "hearing aid" which listens in
one language and outputs another.

My first instinct was Google. My second was
that one should never do for oneself what
one can con an expert into doing for you
and therefore to ask Dr. Whom offlist what
he knows about this before googling.

And my third was to realise this device is
a Vorkosiverse reality (BoI and DI, possibly
others) and so on-topic - and to ask Mark

What do you know, oh philological busybody?

James - just back from Stratford upon Avon.
Romeo and Juliet are both idiots but the
current production is great.

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