[LMB] Sharing Knife ARC

James M. BRYANT, G4CLF jbryant at lunainternet.net
Fri Jun 9 08:46:13 BST 2006

And I suppose I had better start compiling
a list of people who want to read it if I
do get hold of a copy. Rules will be the same
as when I did this with The Hallowed Hunt:-

Any list member NOT in North America who wants
to have it for two days to read under the
conditions below please let me know off-list:-

[1] You will buy your own copy when the book
is published,

[2] You will report receipt by email to me and
the rest of the recipient list and forward it,
within no more than three days* of receiving it,
to the next person on the list,

[3] You will pass it on by hand if you live
within 25 km or so or forward it at your own
expense using Fedex or any other service
which offers on-line tracking, and will email
the tracking number to me and everyone on the
list of recipients so any of us can watch its
progress, and

[4] You will take good care of the book while
it is in your possession, but are encouraged
to sign it (with comments and legible
identification of who "squiggle" is) on the
front or back flyleaf and to make (autographed
or at any rate initialed) comments in the text.
It will be presented to Lois when it has
finished its rounds.

The list will close when I actually get an ARC
(and I shall announce this on-list 24 hours
before it closes). I shall then determine who
gets it when (first,second, etc.) This will be
done partly in order of your requests, but I
shall also consider geographical groupings to
minimise transfer times.


*It must move on no later than the third day
after arrival, giving two full days to read it.
If the third day is a Sunday you're in luck!

If there are more than three people in a
household who wish to read it I shall allow
ONE extra day per person. 

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