[LMB] Re: Sharing Knife ARC

mckeownb at optusnet.com.au mckeownb at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jun 9 13:26:28 BST 2006

James being so generous once again. I have contacted you off list
but just wanted to acknowledge your generosity on list as well :) 

> And I suppose I had better start compiling
> a list of people who want to read it if I
> do get hold of a copy. Rules will be the same
> as when I did this with The Hallowed Hunt:-
> Any list member NOT in North America who wants
> to have it for two days to read under the
> conditions below please let me know off-list:-
> [1] You will buy your own copy when the book
> is published,
> [2] You will report receipt by email to me and
> the rest of the recipient list and forward it,
> within no more than three days* of receiving it,
> to the next person on the list,
> [3] You will pass it on by hand if you live
> within 25 km or so or forward it at your own
> expense using Fedex or any other service
> which offers on-line tracking, and will email
> the tracking number to me and everyone on the
> list of recipients so any of us can watch its
> progress, and
> [4] You will take good care of the book while
> it is in your possession, but are encouraged
> to sign it (with comments and legible
> identification of who "squiggle" is) on the
> front or back flyleaf and to make (autographed
> or at any rate initialed) comments in the text.
> It will be presented to Lois when it has
> finished its rounds.
> The list will close when I actually get an ARC
> (and I shall announce this on-list 24 hours
> before it closes). I shall then determine who
> gets it when (first,second, etc.) This will be
> done partly in order of your requests, but I
> shall also consider geographical groupings to
> minimise transfer times.
> James
> *It must move on no later than the third day
> after arrival, giving two full days to read it.
> If the third day is a Sunday you're in luck!
> If there are more than three people in a
> household who wish to read it I shall allow
> ONE extra day per person. 

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