[LMB] Commemorative Chair - managing the drive

Michael Bauminger lmblist at mikebomb.com
Fri Jun 9 16:47:33 BST 2006

Is anyone on the list actually taking charge of keeping 
track of the pledges, money, etc? There have been pledges 
coming in onlist in several different threads, including 
some in the Party thread, and I for one have no idea of 
where we stand. Does anyone?

This sort of pledge drive will not manage itself, at least, 
not on an email list.[1] I know I proposed it, but I simply 
do not have the resources (read: time) to be the one to 
manage it. Heck, I do not have the resources to keep up with 
this list most of the time, much less post to it. (I have 
more than 45000 unread messages from this list, stretching 
back to the year 2002. I keep them and will read them when I 
get a round tuit.[2])

Is there anyone willing to step up and manage this thing?

-- Michael

[1] There should actually be a way to do this with other 
free online tools, such as web - based collaboration, but I 
do not really know.

[2] See:

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