[LMB] Hallowed Hunt Echo?

Nicholas Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Sat Jun 10 03:30:58 BST 2006

Bob Thaves's "Frank and Ernest" comic strip for Thursday
shows two men with a castle in the background; one of them
is carrying a "Long Live the King" sign, and explaining to the
other character, "Oh, I can't stand the guy -- I just carry this
to annoy the prince."

I doubt that Mr. Thaves was inspired by _The Hallowed Hunt_,
but the cartoon did make me think of first chapter, especially
the two opening sentences.  One might imagine a Wealding
wishing the old hallow king a long life, so long as he thought
there was the slightest danger of Boleso succeeding to the

Nicholas D. Rosen

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