[LMB] HH Chapter 18

Adrienne Dillon lemmonsdillon at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 12 00:48:01 BST 2006

Pete Granzeau mentions Ijada's vision.  The vision is originally Ingrey's, courtesy of Wencel.  Ijada, seeing it without context, is confused and frightened, but shows remarkable courage in dealing with the incomprehensible.
  Though there is little action in this chapter, several elements contribute to a feeling of growing tension.  Ijada senses that the gods are closing in on their hunt  Ingrey moves to the Horseriver household before he and Ijada can understand their sharing of Horseriver's memories.  Princess Fara knows of Wencel's animal spirit and is afraid, although she can sense nothing uncanny. Ingrey perceives Wencel's urgency. Horseriver confesses to Ingrey that he tried to arrange Ijada's murder to block the gods' access to Holyfield (if she were hanged as a mage, her death might give the gods that very access).  He also mentions the cost of living multiple lifetimes:  He cannot be emotionally intimate with his wife when he has lost so many, yet he needs a son.  Barely mentioned, but critically important in view of Horseriver's ambition, is the present king's impending death. 
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