[LMB] The Birthday Tixie

mckeownb at optusnet.com.au mckeownb at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jun 12 15:29:42 BST 2006

The Antipodean Deputy Birthday Tixie pops in in a bit of a rush.
Its not the best trying to travel when it is bucketing down with rain 
and your escort both have long hair and hate the rain.
Mind you even though it has been raining now since Thursday we go to level 3
water restrictions tomorrow. Its not much use having dams if it doesn't rain where
they are.

Anyway, we are gathered together today the 12th of June to wish a very
happy birthday to Ase (Adrienne) who by my calculations is 23

Ase I hope that today is filled with lots of gifts and nice things.
I insist there must be cake and books and other goodies

Small dog is not happy at doing a pirouette with wet hair but 
he does his best and manages to sent the Tixie Dust on 
its way to you on the second attempt.

As the ADBT disappears she can be heard telling her escort 
that they may have to pop back in a few minutes so not to disappear. 

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