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A belated reply, here...

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/Sat Jun 3 23:59:13 BST 2006/

On 03/06/06, Lois McMaster Bujold  wrote:
>  / We have a sneak preview of _The Sharing Knife_ cover art now...
/>/ http://www.dendarii.co.uk/Covers/American/knife.html
/>/ I'm very happy with it.  Julie Bell really captures the characters,
/>/ here.  *And* it's a scene out of the book!
She's gorgeous...and I'm sure he's nice also :-)

*** Speaking for my own gender (and tastes), yep.

Any word of a UK edition? Would there be any chance they would use the
same covers?
who is rapidly coming to the conclusion that he's simply going to have
to be nicer to wifey

*** Always a good ploy regardless...

 in a bid for permission to buy more US

*** My British career remains dead in the water as far as I know (the 
PoS "Pillsbury Nazgul" cover was the coup de grace, sigh); I wouldn't 
expect a British sale.  Your sources are likely to remain import shops, 
Amazon UK, or Fictionwise.

Ta, L.

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