[LMB] OT: AKICOTL coat linings

Katrina Allis k.m.allis at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 12:00:48 BST 2006

Hi all,

Much excitment in my life recently - I have a new job as a junior secretary
for Baldwins, patent attorneys here in Wellington, and I'm not going to be
cleaning for a living anymore!  Yay!  I start there on July 3, so only two
more weeks to go!

As a result, I've been updating and mending (where necessary) my wardrobe,
because I need totally different things now.  Most clothes can be replaced.
However, the lining on two or three of my winter coats is falling apart
around the sleeveholes, and I am understandably reluctant to replace the
coats, as they're still pefectly servicable, apart from the lining.

Therefore, I was wondering if there was anyone on list who had any ideas
about how I could fix them, preferably without having to replace the entire
lining, as I'm not sure I have the sewing skills necessary.  I'm good at
hand embroidery, but have trouble sewing in a straight line on something
other than evenweave, and trouble especially with a sewing machine.  I do
have access to a sewing machine, though.
I was wondering about the possibility of patching them, but I wouldn't want
to attempt anything without having an idea of what I was actually supposed
to be doing.


Oh, and my flatmates and I recently discovered that we'd all read and
enjoyed Lorna Hill's Saddler Wells series when we were younger, and Carmel
got most of them out of the library stacks yesterday, so we've been
rereading them, getting annoyed at them, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
It's a delight rereading old favourites, especially when we thought we'd
actually have to go to the National Library and read them there.  Such fun!
Just thought I'd share some of the joy we're finding in rereading them.  -

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