[LMB] OT: "Pattern Recognition" on TV?

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Sun Jun 18 18:33:15 BST 2006

>From a discussion on, of all things, political language on a blog called 
"Common Dreams" (American politics alert on the blog! But not in the sf 

"... William Ford Gibson, the king of cyber punk and the coiner of the 
phrase cyber-space among others.

His book, Pattern Recognition, is soon to be a TV show/movie offers some 
clues to his behavior. With reality looking more and more like fiction, 
fiction often penetrates reality better than journalism.

Blogger Kate Sherrod explains how his book interprets the subtext of our 
times. “It is set very much in our … car-driving, Guiness-swilling, 
paper-wasting, TV-watching present, specifically about a year after the 
September 11 attacks; its milieu is the very internet in which you, my 
reader, and I, Your Humble Blogger am now engaged, a perfectly evoked 
subculture of fanatical followers of a mass of film snippets that surface 
online from time to time dubbed "the Footage," and the very 21st century 
"post-geographic" life of a 33 year old woman whose overwhelming sensitivity 
to media blitz, to corporate logos and branding, would be a crippling mental 
illness if she hadn't found a way to make it.”


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