[LMB] OT: AKICOTL coat linings

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Therefore, I was wondering if there was anyone on list who had any  ideas
about how I could fix them, preferably without having to replace the  entire
lining, as I'm not sure I have the sewing skills necessary.   I'm good at
hand embroidery, but have trouble sewing in a straight line on  something
other than evenweave, and trouble especially with a sewing  machine.  I do
have access to a sewing machine,  though.

Sounds like you could cut two crescent shaped patches and sew them together  
on the shorter curve, then do a narrow basted hem, and sort of whip them in 
with  tiny stitches, like you would do to applique something, putting  the 
crescent seam to the inside.  If you sew neatly enough, and get a  matching or 
nicely contrasting fabric, it might even look like you did as a sort  of 
Mary, who has managed to patch, reline, and retailor a lot of old favorites  
rather than getting rid of them.

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