[LMB] (news & chat) Miles in Czech, and German

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Mon Jun 19 19:14:15 BST 2006


    I received today author's copies of _A Civil Campaign_ in the Czech 
language, from Talpress.  It's actually a recognizable scene out of the 
book, with a recognizable Miles -- arriving to court the gardener with a 
bunch of flowers, suitably SF-nal looking aircars in the background 
because we wouldn't want people to experience genre-confusion.  I've no 
idea what the random book buyer in central Europe will make of it, but I 
like it...

    ISBN 80-7197-273-8

    They have a website -- of *course* they have a website, sorry, 20th. 
C. flashback there.


    Someone who speaks Czech may be able to figure out if they have 
cover scans up.

    Also received the next German pb omnibus, from the timely 
re-packaging Heyne is doing --  a generic cover again, although not 
unattractive if you are partial, as I am, to teal blue.  They are 
calling the whole series _Barrayar_, with subtitles for the sets -- this 
one seems to be _Die Revolt_ and contains _Memory_ and _Komarr_.  
_Memory_ is re-titled _Viren des Vergessens_, which I'm not sure what it 
means but I suspect is a spoiler.

    ISBN-13: 978-3-453-52122-3  for the curious.

    I must remember to post ISBNs more often.  They used to be of 
interest only to bookstore clerks, but now with the net they're handy 
positive ID for everyone.

    Ta, L.

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