[LMB] Lois chair

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 22 07:36:25 BST 2006

>Is there anyone with a Personal Account that would be willing to do the 
>PayPal thing? Personal Accounts cannot take payments funded by a credit 
>card, but they have no transaction fees. I am in the midst of

Okay, I just confirmed that I can receive payments to my (ordinary) paypal 
account. AFAIK no extra fees are collected. Anyone wishing to send money via 
paypal for lois' chair can do so at:

alfredkelgarries at gmail.com

I will send an email receipt of each payment to the sender and to Sherry. 
When she indicates we're going to buy the chair, I'll forward her the money 
as she wants.

Alfred Kelgarries
"War is the art of lying to your enemies better than they can lie to you." 
Sun Tzu, modern version
alfredkelgarries at gmail.com -- alternate email for personal mail if needed

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