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PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Thu Jun 22 14:39:58 BST 2006

Someone please email me Sherry's snail address and I'll get a check off 
right away. My inbox is so full it's probably in there but I can't find it.



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>>Is there anyone with a Personal Account that would be willing to do the 
>>PayPal thing? Personal Accounts cannot take payments funded by a credit 
>>card, but they have no transaction fees. I am in the midst of
>Okay, I just confirmed that I can receive payments to my (ordinary) paypal 
>account. AFAIK no extra fees are collected. Anyone wishing to send money 
>via paypal for lois' chair can do so at:
>alfredkelgarries at gmail.com
>I will send an email receipt of each payment to the sender and to Sherry. 
>When she indicates we're going to buy the chair, I'll forward her the money 
>as she wants.
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