[LMB] The Antipodean Deputy Birthday Tixie

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Welcome back! May your recovery go well, don't overdo it, and love to small 
dog and smaller dog.



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>Subject: [LMB] The Antipodean Deputy Birthday Tixie
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>Well, I'm back, a little bedraggled and jsut bery glad to be home.
>I collapsed at home last Tuesday and Michial got me into our local
>hospital - where the emergency room had only just re-opened after a furious
>argument with the government over its necessaity. I was diagnosed with a 
>attack and placed in the Crisis Care unit until Thursday when I was 
>down to Brisbane to the Top Heart Hospital where I have been until today
>I have had so much done to me - angiograms and utrasounds and CT scans
>and echoes and the final decision just yesterday was that I have not
>had a heart attack but that I do have a blood clot on my lung and a couple
>in my spleen. So I have been allowed to return home thankfully but am on 
>warfarin for
>6 months.
>I cannot say enough about the wonderful care that I have received and I am 
>truly grateful to
>everyone at the hospital.
>My apologies to those people who have missed a birthday greeting and a 
>from small dog and even smaller dog
>If I miss any of your names then I apologise again
>but belated happy birthdays to John Campbell Rees on the 13th,
>Sarah chodrow on the 15th
>Sylvia (Incognitas) on the 17 and
>Ramona Winkelbauer on the 22nd.
>Tixie dust is on its way to all of you with my apologies.
>My grateful thanks to Bluerose for letting you all know. I felt so guilty
>Michial, small dog and even smaller dog let it be known that they were 
>with the bachelor life and wanted me home please
>Oh, and belated congratulations to James as well.
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