[LMB] Update On Lois Chair Funds For 6-22-06

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Fri Jun 23 04:38:20 BST 2006

Alfred wrote:
Now, some modest proposals:

1) I would like the plaque to read "From  the LMB Mailing List" and below 
that "http://www.dendarii.com" or some  equivalent URL (Michael, Lord Of The 
List, any thoughts?)
2) I would  think a formal on-list presentation by someone (Scott Raun, 
maybe) to Lois  would be nice.
3) I would REALLY REALLY like a picture taken when the  physical object is 
created and provided to the list for a souveneir (sp)? A  truly GRAND 
souveneir would be a picture of said chair with Lois standing  beside it. 
Perhaps we could also burden Scott with this chore...

Great ideas--and maybe Scott could obtain some kind of card and sign for  all 
of us--so Lois would have a souvenir of the occasion, as well.

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