[LMB] The Antipodean Deputy Birthday Tixie

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Fri Jun 23 07:07:42 BST 2006

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> Well, I'm back, a little bedraggled and jsut bery glad to be home.
> I collapsed at home last Tuesday and Michial got me into our local
> hospital - where the emergency room had only just re-opened after a 
> furious
> argument with the government over its necessaity. I was diagnosed with a 
> heart
> attack and placed in the Crisis Care unit until Thursday when I was 
> transferred
> down to Brisbane to the Top Heart Hospital where I have been until today
> I have had so much done to me - angiograms and utrasounds and CT scans
> and echoes and the final decision just yesterday was that I have not
> had a heart attack but that I do have a blood clot on my lung and a couple
> in my spleen. So I have been allowed to return home thankfully but am on 
> warfarin for
> 6 months.


Good to have you back!

> I cannot say enough about the wonderful care that I have received and I am 
> truly grateful to
> everyone at the hospital.
> My apologies to those people who have missed a birthday greeting and a 
> pirouette
> from small dog and even smaller dog

Apologies?  But, but, but...!!!!

> If I miss any of your names then I apologise again


> Tixie dust is on its way to all of you with my apologies.
> My grateful thanks to Bluerose for letting you all know. I felt so guilty

Guilty?  You collapsed, were hospitalized, and are apologizing and feel 
guilty for not doing things that there was no way you could have done given 
you were hospitalized?

> Michial, small dog and even smaller dog let it be known that they were 
> fedup
> with the bachelor life and wanted me home please

That's not quite a Miles moment, or an Ivan one--but maybe it's more like a 
Hallan Meras one! 

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