[LMB] Lois Chair Total Update for 6-23-2006

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 24 01:34:08 BST 2006

>You are including the $10 check I just mailed to Sherry this morning? Just 
>to keep the total correct.

No, this total is cash in my paypal, cally's paypal, and sherry's bank 
account. checks in route aren't counted. If we include additional contribs I 
got later today plus your two checks (10$ I assume) we are at $448.00. Any 
checks not announced on the list but on their way to Sherry will be on top 
of that.

(As Scott has already noted, $500 is the MINUIMUM. One chair has $1050 on 
it.) So if we go over a bit, it is just more cash for the library (which I 
suspect we all support as well).

Alfred Kelgarries
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