[LMB] The Hallowed Hunt, Chapter 19

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Wed Jun 28 07:00:19 BST 2006

Richard Suitor wrote:

> Scenario:  Ijada is executed.  Here is her soul standing
> forlorn, weighted by leopard, potentially sundered from the
> gods if Ingrey doesn't do something.  He's not?  I think,
> perhaps, he is.

My interpretation of Ingrey's thoughts on a potential execution
of Ijada was that he'd do everything in his power (and even he
doesn't know what his limits are) to prevent that execution. He's
trying to work a political solution thoughout much of the book,
but if things come to a head, the wolf is unleashed...

So he doesn't expect to be around to see an executed Ijada.
They'll have to kill him first.

Dan Tilque

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