[LMB] The Hallowed Hunt, Chapter 19

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Wed Jun 28 07:17:17 BST 2006

On 6/28/06, Peter H. Granzeau <pgranzeau at cox.net> wrote:
> I got tired of waiting for someone else to say something, so I
> actually went ahead and read the rest of the book.  Again.

Well, I am still rushing through another set of books, at all possible
speed (and at most an hour and a half a day for reading, which is
excruciatingly little) and when I am through, I will be back to HH and
will try to take up the way Elizabeth used to.

> However, in this one, Ingrey has been installed in the Horseriver
> household, gets a gift hors (at least, one to ride), sends Jokol to
> Lewko to further the latter's quest for a cleric in return for the
> ice bear,  and meets Learned Oswin after answering some touchy
> questions about spirit animals in court.

IIRC, what impressed me in that chapter was:

The way Ingrey bullied both Fara and Biast to adhere to the truth. Of
course, he does it for his own goal this time, but it did give me an
idea how useful he was to Hetwar. He _bullied_ Biast, who is likely to
become a king. He _bullied_ Fara, who is, after all, his employer
now... I mean, think of the gall of him! And the bullying is
effective, too. So, some of the way he sees himself at the beginning
of the story is not totally misconceived. :)


The way his perception of the questions changed when he realized _who_
it was that did the questioning. His anger at the hostility, his
mental threat (that probably did have some effect on the judges, as
they stopped the questioning), all went out, and he started thinking
about birth and children and helping. Just like that. Which is good -
what brings a breath of fresh air to Ijada, gives him a break from
negativity too...

You have two hands. One to help yourself and one to help others.

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