[LMB] Listmind Question: Tourisim for a friend.

Christopher Gwyn cdgwyn at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 14:47:43 BST 2006


      Some of you may remember me from several years ago, before
circumstances and events prompted me to go 'all lurk, all the time'.
I am currently picking up a second Master's Degree in 'Resource
Management' at Central Washington University
(http://www.cwu.edu/~geograph/rem.html) in the hope of eventually
ending up with a job as a Librarian for a 'resource management'
organization.  (The cross-over attraction is that both fields require
knowing a wide-variety of things - essentially each is a
specialization in general knowledge.)

     My next door neighbor (whom I've also done some editing work for)
is a very nice person from China who teaches Chinese Language and
Culture.  He has accepted a tenure-track position at a small college
in the Atlanta area and will be driving across the United States
(Washington State to Georgia) in late July.  His previous experience
with the U.S. is  limited to the Ellensburg area and a few major

     I would like to provide him with an excessively comprehensive
list of the cool things he can see between Washington State and
Georgia, and thus am turning to the Listmind for information about
those places I'm not aware of or would not have thought of.   Mt.
Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial (http://www.crazyhorse.org/), the
Corn Palace (http://www.cornpalace.org/), the Conner Prairie Farm
(http://www.connerprairie.org/index.aspx), and the Blue Ridge Parkway
are on my list so far.

      What other places can y'all think of, or what additional context
for various places can y'all provide?  I'll stay de-lurked for a few
days to catch replies on-list, or feel free to email me off-list at
cdgwyn at gmail.com ('permanent address') or cgwyn at elltel.net (current
local email address).  Thank you.


*** Christopher Gwyn
*** cdgwyn at gmail.com

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