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> I really liked the way they rewrote the ending to the Little Mermaid
> (how I *detested* the original)---

i've read several versions, which 'original' are you referring too?  the one 
where she doesn't get the kiss, loses the deal with the sea hag and turns to 

also that Eric uses his brains and
> tools  (talk about multiplying your power using a whole ship!) to defeat
> the sea-witch.  Contrasted, say, to B&B, in which we have that testorone
> laden fight for dominance in the end that certainly had nothing to do
> with the original (though again, I felt they deserved a few kudos for
> observations on mob violence and not using the evil stepsister
> meme---loved the way Robin McKinley turned that one on its head, in both
> her retellings.)
yess, i thought that fight was just tacked on.  and robin mckinley rocks. 
(both versions)

> Was it Sleeping Beauty that had the competing idiot godmothers with blue
> and pink magic that basically gave themselves to the enemy again?---And
> needless to say, Snow White was another doormat;  it's the cute dwarfs
> that everyone remembers.
snow white, a la disney:  dumb evil minions spend 16 years searching for a 
baby.  after 16 years of concealment and no magic, dumb fairys celebrate 
before victory, and snatch defeat from teh jaws of victory.  prince defys 
king and insists he will marry the beautiful unknown peasant, king insists 
he will marry beautiful unkown princess... behold, they are the same!  and 
how will she react to court manners (and corsets!  and uncomfortable shoes!) 
after growing up with animals (and peasant skirts!  adn barefoot!)

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