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Tue May 2 01:53:57 BST 2006

Female Protagonists/Leads (Human)
Snow White -- black hair
Cinderella -- blonde hair
Alice in Wonderland -- blonde hair
Peter Pan -- blonde hair
Sleeping Beauty -- blonde hair
The Jungle Book -- black hair
The Little Mermaid -- red hair
Beauty and the Beast -- brown hair
Aladdin -- black hair
Pocahontas -- black hair
The Hunchback of Notre Dame -- black hair
Hercules -- brown hair
Mulan -- black hair
Tarzan -- brown hair
Atlantis -- white/silver hair
Lilo & Stitch -- black hair

BLONDES: Cinderella, Alice, Wendy Darling, Sleeping Beauty, Taran's Girl
BRUNETTES: Belle, Meg, Jane
BLACK: Snow White, Mowgli's Girl, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmerelda, Mulan, Lilo
RED: Ariel
WHITE/SILVER: The Princess from Atlantis

I'd say the brunettes and blackhaired grossly outnumber the blondes and fairhaired.

Now, if we were making a call on Insipid vs. Intrepid.... that's an issue of
**when** the films were made. Of course SnowWhite (1938) and Cinderella (1950) were
doormats by our standards...


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