[LMB] breakdowns OT: was The ComConsole Draws Nearear...

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Mon May 1 18:10:40 BST 2006

Marna Nightingale wrote:
> Phil Boswell wrote:
>> ... the recovery driver
>> was livid when he discovered that she has special needs, we should
>> have been a priority and picked up within 20 minutes!
> Grah. On behalf of all "this is roadside, how can I help you" types 
> everywhere, I grovel.
> It happens that we drop one, we really do minimise it as much as we can, 
> and that doesn't help one bit when it's you.
> I'd have punted that call to the cops, in Canada. Admittedly, that might 
> have meant having you pay and be reimbursed, but you'd have had a truck 
> and any other help you needed in 15 minutes.
> I should write up a 'how to get the best possible roadside assistance' 
> thingummy and post it on lj, sometime.
> I mean, in your case it seems to have been the call centre, but I can't 
> tell you how many times I've sat around PRAYING someone in a tight spot 
> would call me back and so I could find out where they REALLY were, as 
> opposed to where they THOUGHT they were.
> Marna.

	Wish you'd been on the duty desk at AAA Michigan, one ~1AMish 
breakdown.  I had the absolute *devil* of a time getting the braindead 
drone on the far end of the line to understand that my car was, in fact, 
ON TOP OF AN OVERPASS (didn't quite manage to coast over) above an 
Interstate.  She kept asking me, "but which SIDE of the interstate are 
you on?"
	On the brighter side, it was hardly a dangerous situation -- I hiked 
down to the 24hr truckstop at the bottom of the overpass, less than half 
a mile, and was well-situated to spend 30min on the phone with her until 
she managed to grasp the situation.

	Then there was the time I couldn't start my car at the end of my shift 
in the middle of downtown Detroit, in one of the bad neighborhoods.  The 
parking lot was minimally secured, but it was 10PM or so, and I had 
better than 75 miles to go to get home (and then come back the next 
morning, yay).  Took TWO HOURS of constant cellphone time before I 
finally had to go outside the lot (huge lot, and of course I was in the 
opposite corner) and flag down the tow truck driver who couldn't find me 
despite the fact that I'd given him the lot location *and* the 
letter/number location code on BIG HONKIN' SIGN on the lightpole I was 
parked beneath.  Based on later evidence, I suspect the driver was 
either half-blind, illiterate, or some combination thereof (I told him 
which major roads to take, and he kept asking me "is it this 
intersection?"  I finally had to stay awake and navigate him 
turn-by-turn all the way home -- and he'd supposedly been in the biz for 
many years).

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